Just shut up

November 13, 2007
By Kayla Gonzalez, Milledgeville, GA

Just shut up
Quit saying that you have no hope
I don’t wanna hear about how you “have no hope”
But you can say why you wanna leave
I need you now more than you need yourself
And yes,
I know you don’t want to go on
But is what you’re leaving behind
Really worth leaving?
And I know you think your life’s become a living hell
But don’t you see it’s because you’ve made it that way?

We all feel like giving up sometimes
But I refuse to let you fade away
Not yet

It’s so simple
I’ve wished on every star and four-leaf clover
For you to
Stay alive

And I pray for you out loud
If dandelions and wishing wells could save
Then you’re my wish for life

Quit saying your life doesn’t matter
You wanna know what matters?
The road trips you haven’t gone on,
Countries you haven’t seen,
And vodkas you’ve yet to try –
That’s what matters

And you say that no one care about you
You don’t have anyone
Or anything to live for
Well, I care about you –
I need you
Don’t I count?
We can do this together

You’re angry, right?
Well show me
We’ll key everyone’s car we know
You’re depressed, right?
Well show me
We can write poems that make that make
All those emo kids look like they’re on Prozac
Show me anything
Just show me that you care about something

No one makes me laugh
The way you do
No one else keeps me sane
What if I need you when you’re gone?

Stay alive
If you can’t do it for yourself
Do it for me

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