A child wakes up at nigh

December 11, 2007
By Abigail Schuyler, Fox Point, WI

A child wakes up at night with tears in his eyes
The shadows in the hallway become monsters in the dark
Waiting for little boys to pass by unsuspecting.

The child shuffles down the hall, teddy bear in hand, to his parents room
He pushes open the door and calls out to 'daddy'
He imediatly finds comfort in the arms of his father
And his tears are dried as his father picks him up to take him back to bed.

The monsters in the hallway become shadows once again,
And the terrors the child had once felt are gone as he slips back into a comfortable sleep.

A man screams out in pain as the darkness falls around him
The monitors at his side are beeping quikly as he is rushed down a dimlylit hallway
Monsters leap at him and tear at his skin as he screams out in horror
No one comforts him and no one tells him they aren't real
They push him into a room and lay him on a bed
The man lays rigid now
With IV's in his arms and pumps in his stomach
He lets his eyes roll back into his head as people yell ar him not to.

The people work harder at beating back the monsters
But the man doesn't notice
He slips back where his mind tells him to go...

The monitors let out a low whine and everyone is still
The monsters disappear and the pain ceases back into nothing
The people take the IV's and pumps out with sullen faces
The monitor is turned off and wheeled away

The terrors that the man had once felt are gone as he slips back into a deep and final sleep.

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