A heart is beating

November 12, 2007
A heart is beating,
the child is beleiving,
What once was dreamt,
Can it be found?

Where the fleeing spirits,
take their light,
Another being appears,
a beating heart,
to steal the soul,
and hold it lovingly tight,
close to a kindly heart,

The wind is calming,
the cliff is steep,
and down below there is a promise,
silent and unspoken,
of holding hearts,
and timeless spells,
the feeling to fall,
a frightening feat,
but arms are open wide,
and hearts do meet and collide,
the highest of life,
and a frightening light,
still the heart is calling,
and down I fall,
safely to be caught,
in another's arms,
where hearts do bind,
and love is blind.

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