Our Worlds

November 11, 2007
By Amy Schakel, Sedalia, CO

It is a dance of deception
All the twists and turns
creating a web of half truths and full lies.
We tell a tale to the ones we love
to protect them from our hearts.
We hide our eyes from the light for fear
the others will see all the truth
we hide so carefully.

Be gentle for hears were made
to be broken.
Only to be fixed again with crumbs
of the past
But always one piece short of

The wings we once used to navigate
the stars
are being entangled and torn apart
with every deceiving word whispered.
The secrets we seek make a rift
that grows with every one we keep.

So tell a story sometime.
Words laced with nothing
but the truth.
Feel the weight of you heart
the light in your eyes
your wings move the way they should.

Feel nothing

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