Oh the memories we are left with

November 11, 2007
Bitter sweet memories is all thats left So many broken and confused,
With no where
To turn and no one to save them.

The day that started out like the rest
Waking up grabbing a bite & out the door
So many never knew it was their last
No one could have predicted this terrible fate

Many sat in class unaware of the horror
Many sat in class glued to the TV
No one could believe all that we saw.

Around America many saw the smoke
So many people trapped,no one could help
In to the buildings firefighters went
For some it was the last thing they did,
Now more than five years later we still
Remember all the heroic things they did for us

After that day many wanted revenge
As a country we hurt
And as a country we fought
Into Iraq we went
Only to still be there today

So many lives lost, so many broken
In the future they will be in our books
As the heroes of 9-11 and of the war

As a country we stand proud
As a country we stand united
As a country we vowed never again

Five years after the day that changed America forever, still shock ripples through at the horror,
How can anyone kill that many people

When will it be enough?
When will we have peace?
How many bitter sweet memories must we endure?

The day that changed America forever
Will never be forgotten
Never forgotten will be the site of
So many broken and lost, so much confusion,is all that is left of a tragic day

Our memories may be bitter sweet
But on that day we rejoice for the heroes and mourn for the lost
As a country that is all we can do
It’s just another memory we must endure.

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