How the world works

December 16, 2010
By YoLIVEo GOLD, Hamilton, Montana
YoLIVEo GOLD, Hamilton, Montana
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The sky turns dark
and we look to the sky
The voices around us
Mimicking why
why the trees grow so slow
and the battles do grow
and why the longer we wait
we fail to be bait
and as the sky turns dark
he turns to make his mark
looking into fiery golden eyes
filled with a thousand lies
with the pain in our hearts
he turns to the start
to the girls with long hair
and how they laugh with out a care
he takes them in his hands
and shows them how to stand
then walk
and talk
then run
and jump
with light in his eyes
we learn how to shine
As our voices do grow
our spirits show
we look down on the world
do a new set of girls
with darkness in there eyes
and a wanting to rise
past the people on the streets
the ones that they meet
that hate
and make
and take
all that you know
so ignore the shadows
the blood on the wall
go away get out of that dark hall
cause the world will eat you
and spit you out
be prepared
to take the right rout

The author's comments:
:) kinda bored

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