May 13, 2010

December 27, 2010
By KDeLay SILVER, Lynnwood, Washington
KDeLay SILVER, Lynnwood, Washington
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How was it missed
The fire slowly dying
Cuts scars tears
Happiness declining
Stepping into the light
Only raised chaos
No one saw it coming
'Til the game was already lost

The fights opened scars
That were once just the past
Before the wars, the hate
Before branded outcast.
Where does hate get us
Besides six feet down?
Fighting the currents
Until in our tears we drown

Why do we avoid
Anything thats different?
Why not take it in
And learn from it?
Blinded by lies nobody sees
The struggle within
As we try setting it right
Only ending in sin

Go with the flow just blend in
Instructions for life
Realized too late
As red glistens on the knife
A cry for help
Plain as day
But nobody listens
They all turn away

Why are we this way?
Just fighting against ourselves
The lesson never learned
Just pointless empty shells
Who's right who's wrong
Who makes that call?
Who decides who's normal
And who's different from us all?

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