December 13, 2010
By RyanLynnK SILVER, Salado, Texas
RyanLynnK SILVER, Salado, Texas
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I am whirling in an uncontrolled spiral
Trying to search for an escape out of denial
This forever night
And this lowly light
Smiling crookedly like a freak
Manic and insane, that is what I speak
My brain has taken on a new leaf
With someone else’s blood on the floor
The cops are coming. Can’t you hear them banging on the door?
Flailing and shouting I scream out
Bodies everywhere sitting like a lout
There throats raw with the screams that they shout
Eerie shrieks
And wonderful frowns
There hands pulling at their clumps of singed hair
Leaving their blood here and there
Shoving pills in there mouth
And needles jabbing in there skin
Wrapping them up in those special little jackets
You see, they used to call me insane
But I see nothing wrong with my brain
It’s a pity that they let me out
I told them I would be back
And have revenge on them for this
Hearing their screams was a great moment of bliss
Just one more and I am done
Now let me test out my new syringe gun.

The author's comments:
everyone has a little insanity (right?)

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