December 19, 2007
my best friend is suicidal.
she talks about death like its going to come after her tomorrow.
she sleeps, eats, and drinks so little, i don't think she has enough energy to even smile anymore.
her attitude is bland-it's like she's not there half the time.
she throws herself to danger, playing with the sharpest objects, willling herself to bruise and bleed.
my best friend says she doesn't seem to have a life, controlled by the chains that won't seem to let her go.
it's killing her how much she suffocates. 'There is no way out,' she says. but i tell her there is.
she disagrees, crying softly the words no one ever wants to hear, 'I want to die.'
looking at her reflection in the mirror, there is disappointment written in her eyes. she doesn't want to see the beauty thats there; she only acknowledges the imperfections she wants to fix.
her brown eyes-they look out to the world at large and her feelings are nothing but despair.
she feels out of place, not knowing where to head.
she feels like a stranger to everyone around her-even herself at times.
it's sad how her world is falling, spinning in ceaseless circles down to the blackest pit.
she is trying to stay strong even though everything is crashing against her.
but that's my best friend.
and my best friend is ME.
she is suicidal and trying so hard not to be.

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KatreenaMarie said...
Jun. 2, 2011 at 4:24 pm

this is amazing...i know exactly where you're standing right now. i've been there and at times i still am. don't give up. i don't know what your story is, but it does get better. if you can put in the effort to wait for that day, it will come and you will be free. the world is yours, you just have to try.


as for the poem, your writing style is very good. you use many great techniques, i believe you will go far in your work. keep it up! :D

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