i am sunshine

December 19, 2007
By Rida Heap, Clarksville, AR

i am sunshine.
i am dust.
i am rain that brings life to this earth.
i am gold. i am rays of red. i am ambient colors.
i am the soft whisper
into the night sky that speaks.
i am a shadow cast along the walls; a small reflection in a thousand mirrors.
i am fire, air, water, earth. i am nothing but everything.
in me is life and death. i breathe in lilies but i also breathe in smoke.
i am a free spirit;
dashing across plain fields and sleeping on roof tops.
nothing can hold me back.
i am apart of the old and new; although time is not mine.
i am a visionary
who bathes in the beauty of twilight.
i am the old man sitting on the bench, waiting and hoping for the return of my love.
i am the girl looking out her window to the damaged streets before her.
i am everyone and everyone is me.
i am the desert singing,
the moon shining. i am the hands that shape the ways of this world.
i am love and hate,
war and peace, happiness and despair.
i am the sun rising and the sun setting.
i am the waves crashing against the current; the calm of the breeze flowing through me.
i am a thousand miles east to west; i am open and wide.
i am the space between.
i am wrong; i am right.
i am the dying generation,
slowly pulled into the gloom of darkness.
i am a busy city yet a small town.
i am standing on the state borderline. i am in two places at once.
i am Providence. i keep the light of faith going.
i am yesterday, today, tomorrow. i am the years gone by.
i am a million names with one heart.

i am the laughter who laughs at nothing; the musician without music.
i am the soul colliding with another; the sound of three rivers rushing together.
i am the blue sky full of warmth and splendor.
i am stars, comets and meteors. i am the wish one makes.
i am a galaxy.
i am a universe. but i am nothing, too.
i am the speck of dirt, where a looking glass reveals my true beauty.
i am flying,
although both feet are planted firmly on the ground.
i am kisses in the rain.
i am the voice that whispers your name.

i am here; i am nowhere, but everywhere.
i am in you, where my soul dwells.
we are as one.

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