Sun Bleeds Black

December 18, 2007
sun bleeds black.
into the burning sun i toss my doubts..
shadows eternally creeping from bodies cast aside.

this neverending doubt enstilled by hatred of lost lust..
why do you come to me in my darkest hour if not only to plague me with blacker nights..

morning comes i see the sun rise..
only to dream of whose arms you might rise into..

noon moves its warm air across bodies..
whose body is intwined with yours..

the moon casts its great beam of distrust across this fallow land..
and only the moon, but not i, can see you stealing into the bed of another lover..

why comes this rush of insanity brought upon me..
why blanket these bleakly fortified walls of love..
and for what..

a kiss..
a hold from love long lost..
i deny these feelings only to prolong our care..

but you give in..
you deny me in my darkest hour of need..

you hold another while i hold onto to hopes and dreams of us..

this horrid sensation only quells my heart..
but only to bring it to mistrust..

i ask you one last time..
speak only truth..

for save you may lose me..
but so you may not lose yourself the same..

these bones are brittle and breaking..
do not wrap this noose only to finish me off..
for staying loyal may bring more gifts the gold of a kings palace..

i will wait here..
intently waiting..
always waiting..

trust is something i possess..
but only when treated kindly..

for the eye may not see what the heart can..

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