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December 18, 2007
A broken heart
A good head start to where we left off
Onto another face
Off to another place
I'm leaving you behind
There's nothing left for me to find

You spit these words in my face
Like they said, I'm just a big disgrace

Frozen in your eyes,
Dead and gone
You're no something I ever had
It's not like I can move on

I'm so sick of living in fear
So, there goes another tear

The only one who understands is you
The only person I want to talk to
The only one who sees this anger

Your cold eyes pierce me
leading me into your mystery

Your words drop bombs on my head
I wish it would hurt,
But it feels good, instead

They push away other thoughts
Reminding me of you

I'm laced in your words
There's nothing I can really do

I miss that hug that always fills me up
The words that you say,
Make me want to stop and realize I'm okay,
when I'm not
The way You say it gives me a chill,
leaving me hanging cold and still

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