Take My Hand

December 20, 2010
By wolfworld BRONZE, Conneaut, Ohio
wolfworld BRONZE, Conneaut, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
Quote The Raven- Edgar Alan Poe

Take my hand
To the grand finale of the end
Watch as your soldiers fall
Watch as chaos shoots you through the wall
Right into your skull

Be aware that your civilization must fall one day
All law and order will vanquish soon to be way in the past
Cast the spell that will bring hell upon Earth
Bliss brings happiness to the corrupted ones

Shock the world
Earth begins to rock
A war to erupt like a volcano shooting lava out of anger
Becoming a worldwide danger

Neglect the children
Select children to fight
Fight for the right to kill

Peace becomes no more
The mushroom cloud begins to form
Many will evaporate without a peep
They were raptured so they can sleep in Heaven

The ones left standing will have to fight for survival
Plus fight the evil ones that still purge the earth
War still watches them tear each other apart
We watch as someone gets their heart ripped out

Take my Hand
To the valley of the damned
Where you can live forever in Hell
Where your statue fell in the name of the leaders
And where everyone else dies becomes the poison they brought upon themselves

The author's comments:
I was thinking on that day on how the world is collapsing in on itself

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