December 17, 2007
By Chad Hayes, Spring, TX

I watched, I just watched,
As everything I stood for faded away.
What can I say?
Will there be a day, when you will avenge me?
Or will it all be the same?
The same mundane game, that no one ever wins.
Will it ever truly end?
Or will its vicious cycle continue?

It’s my fault that everything I stood for disappeared.
I gave into my fear, it ate away at me,
Clawing at the core of my being.
Tearing a rift in my soul.

The confusion, the doubt, the shame,
It was all over in that one moment of pain.
Pain inflicted by someone I had once loved.
A betrayer, my personal Judas.
Why was I betrayed?
Because Love is blind to truth.
And as I know now, my love never truly loved me.
And now, I walk for eternity, with no one to spend it with,
No one but me.

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