A Paper Life

December 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Life is like paper. It starts out blank but can easily be changed by coloring, cutting, painting or writing on it. The actions and experiences you choose fills the blank canvas and causes it to take a new form. Memories with friends and family, are remembered forever. No matter how many times the paper is folded, crumpled, or tossed around; the memories are everlasting and written onto your paper with ink. But sometimes, we are given second chances. For the mistakes that are made, you can choose to remove the bad experiences. If you don’t like what you’ve put down, simply erase it from your paper and make it better. Either way, life is a blank palette that is filled as life is being lived. Everybody has there own unique method in crafting there paper, and in the end it doesn't matter because we are left with memories that are written into our life.

The author's comments:
This was a prompt assigned by my previous year teacher. The idea was so broad that it was hard to choose one object that I myself could relate to.

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