"Never to be like you..."

December 14, 2010
By sharon.fass. BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
sharon.fass. BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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The day is shifting into night, and sunset
Is the transition point.
You two are sitting on the couch,
Petrified-not moving.
I’m sitting on the arm rest of the lazy boy.
The truth of your actions are hovering in the air
Above us.
You sent me to a foster home
Because you couldn’t handle a teenager
Which is absolutely the worst reason
Any parent would do to their own
Flesh and blood
It has been a whole week
Since I’ve been back.
Nothing much has changed about me
That I have grown into a young adult
And I have realized
That my parents need to go to hell.
“Send me again for another 2 years!”
I screamed at them.
She starts to cry, he doesn’t move
But I don’t feel the least bit guilty.
They deserve it.

It is such a shame
Two years of my life they will never get back.
Even if God gave me the choice to give back the two years
I would say no
Because I don’t love them anymore.
I’m standing up yelling at them now,
Telling them exactly how I feel.
Every thought that sprints through my head-
How I wish they would die.

“I promise…”
I told them,
“That I know now exactly how to be a parent…”
I screamed
“Because I know…”
I was standing up now…
“Never to be like you…”

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