Ode To My Right Thumb

December 14, 2010
By trumpet43 BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
trumpet43 BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
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Oh thumb
of my right hand-
my life
my well being
my downfall
it is you that I hold accountable
for everything:
developed by your grasp
taught by your grasp
alive by your grasp
but also wicked by your grasp

It is you
that allows me
to bear my cross,
my stress,
each day
without failure
and I appreciate that
yet you encourage
my bad decisions
my wrath
and my immorality

I must thank you
for being far superior
to the thumb of my left hand

the finger that attempts
at the feats you accomplish
but must cope
with accepting
Though it seems
like an appendage
similar to you
it lacks the gifts
you were blessed with,
that dumb thumb

I now offer you this compliment
that you mustn’t
mention to your peer
for it might envy you:
right opposable thumb
you are a vital organ
one with
the same importance
as the heart
without you
I might be free from sin
but the sin
you curse me with
shapes my life
and without the lessons you teach me
I shall surely die.

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