Ode to Justin Bieber

December 12, 2010
By bee.cp3 BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
bee.cp3 BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
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Success is not the key to happiness, but rather happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

Out of nowhere
drawn from a small town
into the big lights
thousands screaming your name
but do they know you
who truly knows you

Just like any other teenager
you must struggle
with doubt, with jealousy
with self-consciousness, with pain
unlike us though
you’re in the spotlight,
scrutinized by the masses
like hawks they examine everything for mistakes
watching and criticizing your every move
they know not who you are

Though not many do
we’ve never met
know you personally I do not
but I do see a drive in you
I see your winning attitude
while I also see a humble spirit
an old soul,
one who hasn’t lost himself in the fame
a role model to be set up
above the rest
someone who has talent
but hasn’t forgotten
his homely beginnings

that’s all I hear from those around me
they ask me why I like you
why defend you
it is not like you know him,
and no, I do not
but neither do they
why judge someone who clearly has it all

a young man
who comes from a broken home
but wham! Like an explosion
with life and music and energy
busting through a barrier
showing us
we can all make it

You help us to know to hold on
to what we have
make the best of our situation
and it will be better
along the way
the road of fire and hatred
will fall away from you
and up will lift
a road of silk, of gold, of beauty
where you rise above the haters
and you know
who you are
and that’s all that matters

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this article because I am a Justin Bieber fan. I understand that celebrities do have it all but the thing is they are still human and all the criticism Justin Bieber or any other celebrity gets about their personal life is unnecessary. No one really knows him personally except his friends and family and I'm just a fan because of how excellent of a role model he is. I hope people get out of this that just because something can be seen from the outside doesn't always reflect whats on the inside. I was asked to write an ode for English class and when everyone joked about me writing something to Justin Bieber I took it to heart and decided why not and this is what came out of it.

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