Love Me

December 13, 2010
By BabyT SILVER, Ypsilanti, Michigan
BabyT SILVER, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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Don't make somebody your priority if you're just their option.

Except me for me, love me for who I am, respect my mind body and soul. Cherish my beauty, love my heart, love everything about me, don't tare me apart. Tell me how Beautiful my smile is, tell me how pretty my eyes are, love me for what's in my heart, not for just my looks. Care for me with your all, don't make me stumble and fall, wrap me in your arms, love me with your all. Want me and only me, I don't ask for much, all I want is your soft, gentle touch. If you don't want to give it, then I don't want to accept it, you might make me waist my tike, you might make me regret it. I love you, and I have love for you are two different things, its like playing a guitar that has no strings. First I love you, then I hate you, then I like you, then its forget about you. Why cant't I let go? Why do I hold on? Is it ment to be, or is the love gone?

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