bleeding love

December 13, 2010
By lia44 SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
lia44 SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Every time I see a light skinned ***** wit glasses I cringe
you ask me why am I still stuck on this *****
its becuase I feel like I need revenge
see sometimes it just aint that easy to just sit back and forgive
this ***** kept me going
and my heart the wind kept it blowing
my tears is just a river, slowly flowing
my emotions are growing like that flower, its blooming
only assuming that if I wouldn’t of fell so quick
you probably wouldn’t of kept it moving
but I cant help what my heart was feeling
only time will tell
but my heart it wouldn’t stop it kept revealing itself
my seven layers of skin still didn’t help
only going back to those days and remincisng on when I was crying
my love for you and my heart kept slowly dying
only going back to the days when I first met you,
knew about you,....
pulling that flower up from the ground
hearing the petals make a sound, while slowly dropping them to the ground
he love’s me..he loves me not....he loves me..he loves me not...he loves me...
Just look inside a crystal ball so you can see
somehow my love for you still bleeds

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