December 10, 2010
By Anonymous

The rainbow filled colors
So jolly and bright,
Each color has purpose
Even black and white

The rainbow is so full
Of glare and gleam,
It sparkles and shines
Through every beam.

After a storm
the rainbow, you'll see
With all the radiant colors
A rainbow there'll be...

And at the end
Your dream will come true;
A pot of gold waiting
just for you !

The thoughts of clors, like red and
Blue. Make dreams so much better
Than we'd ever knew

Like a storm. this gold has strife!"
But I count to, 3 as I make it mine..
123 and the rainbow shines,
This lovely rainbow floods my life

Climb the cloud of mystical sound..
Extraordinary colors as pretty as can be; jumping
From red, yellow and even pink..
I slide down the rainbow and hit the peak,
In the end I come to see
my destiny some gold for me

A sound of thunder
Clutters the room with
With flashes of lightning.. bang &boom!!
I awake in fright to find none of its true..
Just a stormy night of glory and gloom.

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