Is This Why I Live

December 10, 2010
By LosAngeles BRONZE, Hawarden, Iowa
LosAngeles BRONZE, Hawarden, Iowa
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a strong man stands up for himself a stronger man stands up for others

I've been bullied
I've been unwanted
I've been left out to know that no one cares
Is this why I live?

I've been called nasty names
I've been through complicated things
But no one sees the positive
Is this why I live?

I've made a lot of mistakes
I've done a lot of bad things too
But god please tell me
Is this why i live?

I've done things o make them see me
I've done things to show them
Someone finally saw me and listened
Is this why I live?

She listens and understands
Now another one sees
Things are going great
I this why I live?

We talked and saw we're the same
Then he comes and sees we're the same
Now i have three who see me
Is this why I live?

I've finally answered my question
Is this why I live?
I thought about it and thought about it
And now I know

I care enough to listen
I know enough to care
And now my question is answered
Is this why i live?

To do the next right thing
To make the next step in life
So now I know

This is why i live!

The author's comments:
i always thought that every one would be better off with out me and thought why am i here if all that happens is that i get bullied and made fun of and get into fights but i finally saw that not everything about me was bad and that i do have a purpose in life

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