The Life of a Vampire

June 5, 2008
I live in a world of fear.
All I think about is how I’m going to die
I always have with the fear of getting
Killed by humans. That is what I have to live
I have to hunt people down or I will get die.
I don’t have friends because I ate them
All so did my family I couldn’t resist the
Thirst for blood I didn’t eat in weeks
I was going to die if I didn’t eat.
I can’t stay in one place for more then one
Day or they will find me and
Kill me like an animal but
My fear is going to sleep and the sun is going to come up
And hitting me and turning me in to dust
I have to live in fear of all my life
And that is how my life in danger is all day long
Or should I say all night long. Sense I turn in to this I try to hunt the person that did this to me
But can’t fiend any thing that can
Take me to him so I can have my revenge on him.
And hopefully I can turn to normal once more.

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