The Storm

June 5, 2008
By Cheyenne Davenport, Donald, OR

A bolt of lightening zigzags,
Tearing the sky in half,
The thunder beats like a drum,
Steady and off beat.

The strong winds blow the blades of grass
In green flowing waves,
The rain drops fall furiously
Creating ripples in puddles and ponds.

The skies darken
As clouds fill the air,
Shaking the sky with
Enormous crashes of thunder,
Another bolt of lightening rips through the sky.

The storm rolls in,
Quiet at first,
Then growing with anger and rage,
Until it soon becomes a low and distant rumble.

Winds blowing through the
Boughs of trees,
Breaking off twigs and
Flinging them across the yard.

The storm is almost done,
I can hear it dying down
Lightening flashes only
Every other minute.

Every time it flashes,
The tall trees are outlined,
And the leaves dance along the
Gravel roads.

As the rain
Hits the window panes
The last low rumble
Dies out.

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