December 6, 2010
By Anonymous

It was evening
When he noticed someone singing
He thought it was a music station
Trying to get some reputation
But the voice was so sweet
He could not resist not to sneak

She was sitting quite far away
Where people hardly saw her face
Holding a guitar on her thighs
Trying to rhythm some words on her mind

There was a cold breeze that day
There were lovers every were

He stared at her curly brown hair
He wanted to get to now her so bad
But somehow everything started to fade away
When she stood up, and simply walked away
At that point there was nothing he could do
She disappeared in the mist…..
And no sign was left of her being there

Next day got colder
He made it then to the same place
With a really cheerful face
Hopping she’d come around this day
He sat there and got ready to play
A voiced complained
He turned to recognize her hair
He answered back hopping for the best
But somehow she didn’t seem quit okay
“you’re sitting in my place
She said quietly
“I Am, sorry, but I am in a rush
You see my contest
Tacks place in the first on the next week”
"But that’s still my place”
“we can share”
He blows out trying to save him self

She sat on the other side of the bench
And from time to time
She got a peek on his black guitar
“were did you get it from”
“the guitar”
“ah…yeh I guess “
“ from a place my friend works in “
And the silent broke the talk again
"I can take you there!!!!”
She looked at him
At his black guitar
Wondering what to say
Though it wasn’t really a big deal
He was charming….
But still…

She wasn’t the type
Who liked to hang out
With a random guy
That just had asked her out
But she wanted that guitar
So she agreed on going out
“we can go together”
He repeated to himself
“sure that would be great I think”

True, it all happened
The second day
Then played together
Finnally he asked her out
Showing two movie tickets in his hands
He held her hand threw the entrance
She didn’t know were this was going
Till he kissed her

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