a symphony of smiles.

June 5, 2008
A symphony of smiles.
Jump up high and watch the world below you.
Take my hand and I will show you.
Speak but none, feel but all
Adventure is here, it just gave you a call.
Grab your gum boots, I have my umbrella
Were in a little fairytale ; Cinderella.
Watch the magic, its coming now.
Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how.
I speak no lies, don’t deny it
No excuses , I wont buy it.
We’re halfway through, so take a seat
Listen to the music and feel the beat
A symphony of smiles every were
You can hear it over here, you can hear it over there
Golden magic fall upon your toes
You start to smile, start to crinkle your nose
It dances around you , as sweet as honey.
And now suddenly everything is funny
a smile on your lips, and moment of shared laughter
its all it takes
to make me happy.
As long as you take my hand and I will show you
What its like to hear a symphony of smiles.

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