The Struggle

December 1, 2010
By KDeLay SILVER, Lynnwood, Washington
KDeLay SILVER, Lynnwood, Washington
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We wear these hats on our head
Defining our life choice
We stray from your ideal way
And the all commanding voice

You don't see what we see
The clearness with each light
The way life ought to live
But you don't see as right

So banished to the shadows
Casted away to hide
Told to live a lie
Not to speak our mind

Fake smiles worn
Sad eyes averted
Hide truth behind lies
When everything's uncertain

These scars bleed with screams
But in the darkness unheard
No one understands the pain
Just one more burn

Life without meaning
Sound without sight
Hate without love
Dark without light

Many lives misunderstood
Our life one giant sin
You don't know the pain endured
Don't understand our struggle within

Fighting for our meaning
Our part in life's way
Something to keep us sane
Getting through the next day

Constantly an outcast
Still always lying
We're stuck in this Hell
This soul slowly dying

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