And yeah I'll stand still even if it all falls apart

June 4, 2008
A long time passed without me feelin' satisfied
Without me relaxed..nd havin my thoughts clear
Without me bein' optimistic nd havin' dat big smile on my face..
Without me laughin' so hard nd dancin' all da night..
A long time passed with me always worryin'
With me thinkin' about everythn..
With me fightin' with my closest friends
With me always into trouble..
A long time passed without me enjoyin' my life
Without me havin' faith nd leavin' tomorrow to the unkown
Without me lovin' nd trustin' as I used to
Without me forgivin' ppl for their tiny mistakes

Now I thought about all this..!
Thought about those things I've put myself through
I re-considered alot of stuff..!!
As i know life is not worth all dat thinkin' nd worryin'
All I have to do is just live for 2day,,nd dream of a better tomorrow
Leave my sorrow behind..
Lettin' my smile shine !!
There's no need to fight nd argue about silly things
To whom who will cause me misery go to hell nd out of my mind..!!
I ain't givin' you more than you'd appreciate
To whom who will be always by my side,,who will accpet me dis way as I'm
I promise he'll always find me forgivin' nd trustin'
Now,I'm enjoyin peace of mind..
Livin' satisfied inside
Carryin' all my sweet memories with me
And leavin' those bitter ones behind..
I wanna love! I wanna Live! I wanna sing nd laugh nd smile..!!
Tired of tears,Sick of fears,,!!
From now I shall live life as it shud be lived
Enjoyin' every hour of each day!!
Standin' still even if it all falls apart..!!!!!!!!

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