December 5, 2010
By IizShmo SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
IizShmo SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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"time solves all problems, your friends help solve problems. Find your true friends who will be patient with you."
- Sam Quintana

In all my years i don't ever want to loose the feeling you give me. I wake to the beginning of a heart beat which i only want to have with you. Only one experiance i want to share with you that i don't believe i could handle living, breathing, or going hours and seconds without it. To know your my life, The pleasure of being able to speak your name and brag it , reassures me to enjoy it. The feeling you give me, is very unexplainable, heaven if you will and you know for all its worth.

I strongly believe you were meant for me since birth. Yeah, i haven't known you all my life, but i would have liked too .I don't think ill be able to hold myself together without you in my heart, in many ways you keep me beating slow and steady. You are and always will be my personal melody, i share a beat with you and keep a steady pace, the very creations fuels me, drives me to inspire, speak words to explain my patience for your beauty, and how ill come to understand why you chose me. I cant get over the fact, that you are the most beautiful, gorgeous, and just mind blowing woman on earth. Nobody could touch you in your throne way up high, but somehow i did. you made my dreams alive!

Your smell drives me wild in my most dim days which i cannot help but sigh.
Not to mention your eyes control me in certain ways difficult to describe with one dying soul such as mine. When you hold me, A rush of emotions run through my veins. Your skin against mine creates perfect harmony, like bliss i cant escape the beauty and the certainty that i know, You're mine. When and everytime i speak such words, I tear up inside, to know Perfection, you.. The very woman of my dreams is here with me and is mine. thats special to no extent, To no define. Not for one second since first sight, had i doubted you are the one, the person, the woman to rock my pale world.

In the uneventfull life of mine, you made me feel special beyond belief. Never had i thought i was so important to someone. Its safe to say its the same with me. you brought me from tears and depression, to never ending happiness, its a feeling of protection, and i cant let it go, nor do i ever want too. Never let me go. I love you. You're my heaven and i cant escape the warm sharp feeling iget when im around. I Always smile at my courage to talk to you, your a goddess, your heavenly, and i was the peasant that fell in love.

The very fingertip could turn my fragile body into nothing so i treat you well, from now untill my end. I cant keep my composure if i do anything wrong. I wont ruin the song, the lyrics run my movements in ways indispicable to me. I want you so bad, everythings driving me insane. dreams of you constantly, in picture frames. I don't care if every day with you is the same, As long as its with you, and only you.

The author's comments:
Well, to be honest i wanted to write about how i feel. Inside i cant live without this girl.

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