You're The One

June 4, 2008
When I see, you my heart starts to beat really fast.
I want to make every moment with you last and last
I feel safe when you hug me
I never want you to let me free
When you kiss my forehead, I melt inside
Then these feelings unfold I couldn't possibly hide
Everytime I look in your eyes, I see that you care
And I know that you will always be there
Some days I lay in my bed and dream about laying next to you
There's nothing I wouldn't do to make that come true
And others I stay up, with you on mind, all night
Thinking about how you always make everything alright
Just hearing you say that you want to be with me forever,
Makes me even happier than ever
I truly can't imagine us apart
I can honestly say that I love you with all of my heart

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