June 4, 2008
Everyone is running inside, away from the water. They go to be sheltered from the drops falling from the sky. They all want to stay the way they are; dry, un-pure.

But I stay. I stay amongst the dripping trees and bushes. My feet bare in the dirt, turning into mud with every second. I look at the teal water we had all been in just 10 minutes ago. Watch the water dropping into it, too fast to see each and every drop, but you can see the ripples wave through the water with each drop.

I start to spin. Twirl.

I never want to stop. I feel all the sins I’ve done, slip off of me with the water droplets from my arms. When I feel all my sins leave, I suddenly feel clear of everything. Pure. Coming to a halt, I see a brand new world.

I don’t see gray dreary skies or dirty brown mud like others may. No. I see small diamonds falling from the heavens, disappearing into the water and the ground. I see chocolate clay, ready to form whatever I want it to be.

I love the rain. It’s pure and cleansing. With it, you can see a fresh, untouched world. No longer un-pure.

And for that, I’m glad for the rain.

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