Where I am from

June 3, 2008
By Lydia Hoefel, Akron, OH

I am from small town Akron, not far from big city Cleveland.
I am from Aeros and Firestone, Goodyear and Bridgestone.
From lake effect snow, to tropical humidity’s,
From homegrown strawberries, to synthetic perfection,
I am from American suburbia, where one knows nothing and thinks they know all
From privacy fences and overpriced houses,
From foreclosures and bankruptcies,
To brand new Pt’s and Cherokees,
To Harley’s, and Hot tubs,
Frivolous and expensive

I am from Ice Cream and Candy,
From jo-jo’s and pop, to double cheese and toasted subs,
I am apart of generation improved, the generation to be,
From the future upon us,
From ADHD, and Carcinogen scares,
From radiation, and carbon,
From smoke, and from tar,
From those high school diplomas that never got too far.
I am from lectures, and guidance,
From Ideas and mistakes,
Hopefully, with improvisations to make.

I am from boy bands and Barbie,
To plastic boobs and Human manikins,
From synthetic to prosthetic,
From silicon and plastic,
To bodies current and quite fantastic.
From cardiac arrests, and obesity pests,
To Weight Watchers, and Anorexia,
To protein enriched, and Ephedra.

From innocence and play,
Outdoors all day,
From biking and tag,
To Hacking and Wii.
From VHS to Blu-ray,
From corded to Blu-tooth,
From the family setting gone aloof,
From spacious freedoms,
To enclosed institutions,
To ideas of perfection, the future ensuing.

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