Where I'm From

June 3, 2008
By Joanna Sigmon, Akron, OH

I am from made up games,
from dress-up and water fights.
I am from the sand in my backyard.
(Small beads where
ants like to play).
I am from the playground,
the spiral slide
whose height had always
seemed bigger than it really was.

I’m from ice cream trucks and muddy pants,
from neighborhood friends and hide-and-seek.
I’m from the inside voices
and the act your age,
from share your toys and stop fighting.
I’m from a big family
with the idea that they come first
and with them all still being able to find myself.

I’m from the corner store down the road
cheap candy and chips to spare
from the arm I have broken
to the healing it took to fix
the mask my father had kept to scare us every Halloween.
On my self a stuffed bear
bringing me memories,
of fun times we shared making sure
to not forget the past.
I am from those moments-
every child should experience
never to be forgotten.

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