December 1, 2010
In my dream I was falling
Falling from the sky,
Nothing was stopping me
I had fell from a mile high.
Gravity was pulling me down
And it wasn't letting up,
I hit the ground with a thud
Right as I woke up.

From then on I began to fall
From the world and everything,
And every time I hit the ground
I'd be swooped up in angel's wings.
I couldn't do it on my own
Getting back up hurt too much,
I needed someone there
To help me through their touch.

Then the angel's wings became broken
And I was all alone,
I had to pick myself up
With wings that had never flown.
It took me many tries
To get up on my own,
But soon I could stand up
With wings that had now flown.

Now in my dreams I’m the angel
And someone needs me,
I come to them when they call
Remembering what I used to see.
I help them find their own wings
And make them see the way,
Saying that they can do it
And get up from where they lay.

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