June 5, 2008
By Jamie Gray, Donald, OR

The top of a mountain
Covered in snow
I fall to the ground
I hit a fluffy pillow

So cold and wet,
But having fun
Drinking hot chocolate
It kind of burnt my tongue

The sun is hiding
Peeking through the clouds
Reflecting through the snow
It makes me shadows?

Shaking and shivering
Wanting more clothes
My crush is holding me
He’s keeping me warm

Butterflies in my stomach
A smile smacked on my face
Never wanting him to let go
A car drove up, but not for him

My mom said it’s getting late
Now time to go
We hold hands in the car
Hoping we don’t get caught

We drive him home
We sit in the back
I look at the trees
With the cliff to the right

The moon is out
With stars in the sky
The lights of cars pass by
I slowly pass to a lightly sleep

My head slips and leans on him
He grabs me tight and says. . .
If I will go out with him
I squealed like a chipmunk

I jumped up and down
Wide awake
Happy as a clown
I said yes as he leaves

I couldn’t keep my mind off him,
But think
I’m taken now
I’m only his

Just think it all took time
On a mountain side
I’m happy; I was cold
And got butterflies.

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