Help Me Make Things Right

June 5, 2008
By Kyme Morris SILVER, Columbia, Missouri
Kyme Morris SILVER, Columbia, Missouri
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Help me so,
Help me to let go.
Tell me I'm going to be alright,
That I'll be able to sleep through the night.

Brush away my tears,
Take away my fears.
Hold me strong and tight,
So I'll be able to fight.

Hug me with comfort,
Till I'm no longer full of hurt.
Help me face the day,
Give me the power to be okay.

Take away all my sadness and pain,
Help my knowledge to gain.
Oh, help me please,
Help me unlock the doors with the right keys.

Open my eyes,
To let me see the lies.
Make my ears strong,
So I can hear what is wrong.

Take my hand and lead me,
To a place where I'm free.
Whisper in my ear,
That you'll always be near.

Calm the storm inside,
And help me not to hide.
Fix the troubles within,
Help me forget every sin.

Show me the way,
Help me know what to say.
Give me the light,
To help me make things right.

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