December 26, 2007
It seems this world is full of hate.
All different types,
some of them strong, some not.
The strongest hate is angry hate
against a person or race.
There are so many examples of hate.
Like when you see
or hear someone
being picked on
because they are different.
It makes you want to go up to the aggressor and say,
“Hey, what’s your problem?”
Every new generation is taught to hate.
I think we should be taught to love
and not to hate.
I mean for crying out loud, this is America!
We are so much luckier than most countries
And yet we are quick to judge people
even though we don’t even know them.
It seems this world is full of hate.
We could use a little more love.
If everyone showed a little kindness,
It would help suppress the hate.
Even a simple little smile or a hug
would suffice.

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