Missed the Bus

December 26, 2007
Missed the bus, yet again
but its okay, cause i dont have any friends
No school for me, cause i cant get a ride
Mom's in Europe, and dad cant drive
'Rents will be ticked that i missed
Ill tell them the driver tried to run me over
But she's really quite nice,
i was just late(i stopped to pick up a four-leaf clover)
Ill stay at home, and watch Jerry Springer,and maybe a movie like,The Ringer
Ill eat junk till i wanna throw-up
Actually,truth is, im making all of this up
Im taking a math quiz,and im clueless to how to do this
Which is too bad for the kid next to me,trying to cheat off my test
I flip my paper over,and lay my head on my desk

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