November 19, 2010
By , Florence, SC
I still remember the good times,
They just all seemed to have passed me by.
Late night stories, took away my worry and
Long, fun walks made me as a hawk;
Flying: free, high, and wild;
I truly was a happy child
But you have taken it all away,
And in its place, you have left pain.
So now I sit here all alone,
As you have left me; in the cold.
You took away that innocence,
And forced me to build up an iron fence.
People try to tear it down;
They try to help me get around,
But I can’t because of you
And everything you’ve put me through.
I am left here now, torn in pieces;
Hurt and alone, can’t you see it?
It would be so easy to help me out,
But I know you won’t try to, without a doubt.
So I’ll just learn to live this way,
While you stand by and watch me wither away,
Day by day, I will continue to fade,
The whole time you thinking, “She’s okay.”

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