Today Somebody Told Her

November 23, 2010
By Ender PLATINUM, Hagerstown, Maryland
Ender PLATINUM, Hagerstown, Maryland
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Perhaps it's impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be
-Orson Scott Card

This child couldn't seem to find a way out,
and I couldn't discover a single path without
any pain for you or strain on my insanity.

And I thought I could live with this,
but you're something that I just can't dismiss.
And somehow we must readjust to the mistrust we have seen.

This weight has continued to grow
as the volcano continued to overflow.
I couldn't take it, please don't break this.

I wish I could put into words my sorrow for you.
And I hope these sights don't misconstrue
the great deal of regret I wish I could offset with some explanation.

But it appears as if my earlier predictions have come true
because I have him and you have only you.
But don't blame me for the lack of trying on your part,
don't you dare blame me for your broken heart.
I helped in every way I could.
I told you but I guess you misunderstood.

I've been struggling with myself for so goddamn long,
and I finally found someone that made me belong,
so I'm not forfeiting his love for your selfish ways,
I'm not putting my happiness off any longer, no delay.
I just wish you could see that you're not the only one hurting,
I wish you could see all the energy I was exerting
to keep my anguish hidden away for your sake.
And for once in my life your pain is not something I'm willing to take.

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