Walk Away

November 23, 2010
By JohnTalbot GOLD, Dixon, Missouri
JohnTalbot GOLD, Dixon, Missouri
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Confrontation, Humiliation. Your blood will boil, with your hands in the soil. On hands and knees you get mad, but you’re not sad. You go over scenes quietly in your mind; you know the fight isn’t far behind. You know its coming but you don’t know when, its time to fight but you don’t think you can…

You know its smart to not even start. The want to strike back almost tears you in half. It may hurt to crumble in the dirt, just stay down & it might not hurt. Don’t be a fool, salvage the night. Stop before its too late, & get on with your life.

Be Positive, this fight isn’t your prerogative.
Though your temper soars, withhold your lines of calm mental shores. You’ve had enough! You wanna get rough, & you wanna get tough. But not today or you will pay. Just show a smile, give it a while. You may be dismayed, but still; just walk away.


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