November 23, 2010

Stare into my eyes
And see the dreams that have died
They fell with the earth
And the hearts of man drove the hearse
A life fallen now gives birth
To demons determined to erode
The senses of separation humanities wrote
Dressed in a coat of lies
Although we realized the truth long ago
But will it come to light before our hearts drown in snow
We’ve all grown too cold and it’s taken a toll
Just crows upon a pole, we’ve ceased seizing life
And began to plead for death, existing in strife
Right and wrong are the same, no longer matters who knows my name
Because too many brought to fame do nothing to end this massacre
Killing ourselves over phantasms of inequality, are we dedicated to disaster
No longer masters of our souls, only authorities are in control
Rebellion is dull, and when the protestors are criminals the heroes will be corrupt

The author's comments:
pretty sick title huh?

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