Therapy ( Part 3 )

November 20, 2010
By , Sauk Village, IL
Court Day
Lawyer 1 - Sir, I can guarantee you that my client didn't do it.
Lawyer 2 - But your honor we got video tapes to proof it.
If you watch them you can clearly see the bruises,
On the ones that he abuses.
This man has a temper and he will quickly lose it.
Drew - How does he chooses.
Mom - He takes the information he got and fuse it.
And I think he's about to say his conclusion.
So act like it is music,
And just listen to it.
Judge - Listen up everybody I have decided,
Being reminded of the violence,
Shown on the tape.
I find the defendant guilty,
He will serve years in jail,
About 5-8.
Last Meeting
Mom - I just want to thank you for everything you did.
For me and my kid.
I don't know happened to our relationship.
It just deflated,
And faded,
And I hated,
Being degraded.
And I always stated,
To my kids that we're going to make it,
Out of this bad situation.
And get into a equation,
That equaled happiness and we waited with patience.
And now that we have it, we aint going to waste it.
And for you to watch the abuse and tape it,
Was brilliant it should be A graded.
And right now I should get the thanking,
You for all your help.
Therapist - Don't worry about it,
I love putting people first before myself.
And if I can do anything at all
For y'all,
Just call.
Mom - Will do,
And Drew,
If you have anything else to say,
You should say it now because today will be our last day.
Drew - I just want to let you know that you changed my life in many ways,
I got a thank you list on my myspace,
And you're on the front page.
Because you been there for me through every single phase,
And stage,
That I been through,
And if we do,
You'll be the first person that I send to.
Therapist - If you need any advise just ask,
Because whatever you go through,
I probably went through in the past.
And I will lend you,
Anything you need just ask.
Drew - You've already helped me a=in and out of class.
What more could I ask for.
Therapist - maybe some advise so you won't go backwards.
Drew - You don't have to worry because forward will be my only movement.
Therapist - Well talk is cheap son,
I'm going to need you to prove it.

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