November 20, 2010
By Anonymous

All the cuts,burns and scars,
But you'll never see.
The true reason
I put them on me.

I told every truth,
Admitted every lie.
But you'll never believe,
Until the day I die.

I tried to fix it,
I gave it my best.
My work you abolished
Until none was left.

I'll write these rhymes
Day after day.
But it's always about
This terrible pain.

I can't write about the sun,
The moon, or the stars.
I can only ever write
About these damn wars.

They're not out of hate,
They're because I'm hurting.
It's been 2 months;
You're still not learning.

I loved you then
I love you now.
I wish you'd see that,
But I don't know how.

When I told you so,
You wouldn't believe.
When I'd write it
You'd read it differently.

So I'm at a loss
As to what to say.
Because no matter what,
You'll take it the wrong way.

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