"Abused and Beaten..."

November 23, 2010
By CandiceLauren17 GOLD, Burlington, Other
CandiceLauren17 GOLD, Burlington, Other
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I came into the world with an open heart,
But my family didn't love me so they beat me apart.

They put ropes around my ankles and tried to smother me,
But my sister mean't more as later you may see.
No one listened, No one seemed to care,
I had enough, nothing else I could bare.

I was hit so hard they broke my leg,
I fell to the floor "Don't hit me daddy" I begged.
My mother was astonished and looked at me so mad,
Take the pain you suffering brat, as he hit me again so bad.

My sister was standing there with tears in her eyes,
But she knew not to say anything because there just might of been a surprise.

I heard her whisper as she said "Sissy I love you, Don't leave me please,
But then he whipped me oh so hard that I just fell and began to bleed.

She watched me suffer and bleed while crying in pain,
She stood there just watching while she felt ashame.

She knew she couldn't help me or else he'd get her too,
So I looked at her and whispered "Sissy I love you too."

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