Magnificent Memories

April 2, 2008
By Sarah Anderson, Glendale, KY

I shall return to where
My soul has been eternally summoned.
Enriched beauty, you call me so eagerly.
Your visions rest richly in the memories I’ve collected.

Bar Harbor, Maine
Where my mind forever remains.
I swear, my love,
I will return to my missing heart.

Blueberries, sweetened by the salty air
And the rocks you cling to so desperately for life
I’ll fight with the birds that share my tastes
So I can make blueberry pancakes.

Perfect periwinkle depths, you whisper to me
Through the salty mist I taste on my lips
As you crash upon the rocks I love so dearly
Eating them away, ever so slowly.

Such an excitement the sight always brings.
White sails contrasting unfathomable ocean blue.
Daring the waves that pound her into the rocks.
Little sailboat, you are not lost.

Silence your cry, hungry birds.
Fish are plentiful in these seas
Your thieving beaks
Scavenge the sailor’s living.

Whales swim off the coast,
Competing with the fishing boats
So they may live to migrate
As the seasons change.

Rugged mountains, you entrance me.
Behind your afternoon shadow,
The moon rises over the sapphire sea.
I welcome your wondrous mysteries.

Sweet docks, you slumber tightly.
Old tampered wood, squeaking slightly.
Barnacle covered posts, reaching into the blue
Create a safe haven for our sails to rest.

I wonder where I’d be if your rugged coastline
Had never bewitched me.
Now, I’m drawn to return.
I am incarcerated by your beauty.

Sweet falls, your streams run faster than ever.
I wish I could become one with the water
As you crash onto the rocks below.
I wonder where you will flow.

Forever I will long for you
Even if my soul leaves this earth.
You are my heaven, my heart.
You are my home.

Oh, why did I fall in love with the land
Where the mountains challenge the sea
And the sea chews at the mountain’s feet?
I am stuck in between.

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