November 11, 2010
By DarkRavyn BRONZE, Rancho Murieta, California
DarkRavyn BRONZE, Rancho Murieta, California
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Sandman, oh Sandman, spin me a tale,
Of castles, fairies, even dragons as well!
Boggarts and whimsies, a cat in boots,
Fi-fi-fo-fum, an archer who shoots.

Three golden apples and maybe a dish,
Of gingerbread man and a huge silver fish.
A smart little tailor, a princess in chains,
A girl by the sea who laughs when it rains.

Danger and triumph! A hero or two!
Old Mother Goose, a lady in a shoe.
A ship out at sea, being sung to sleep,
By a lovesick mermaid who cannot weep.

Tell me, tell me, oh Sandman please,
Is the Man-in-the-Moon just a great wheel of cheese?
Do wishes come true, are there magical beans?
You can only find out deep down in your dreams..

The author's comments:
I wrote this to show how stories and imagination help your creativity take flight.

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