Love Yourself

November 13, 2010
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Why do you call just to complain?
Did the mess in the kitchen cause you so much pain?
You know me, I hate to fight
Let the anger go, we don’t always have to be right

You phone me again, apologizing, fine
Was it the smoke, the pills, or the bottle of wine?
Are you simply alone, and want to feel love?
Look in the mirror; it’s what we’re made of

Another call, your temper heated again
I revel in my ability to pour my thoughts through this pen
Instead of redirecting my insecurities to someone else
Stop, step back, take a look at yourself

One last ring, what could it be this time?
I have done nothing wrong, committed no crime
I feel sorry for you, incapable of being at peace
Curious if you’ll make it to the end in one piece

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