Wings of Light

November 16, 2010
By RJzWings BRONZE, Brick, New Jersey
RJzWings BRONZE, Brick, New Jersey
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In that moment, everything becomes real
The part of me that glamours a shadowed light
My wings of a shimmering dark light

These things that keep me shining
These things that keep me together

Cutting through the wind in my blue vastness
I feel a longing so surreal
To be living this one dream
I dream to live a life not mine
I am merely the average human
But somewhere in me is this feeling
Just waiting to burst free

When I reenter my dear life
Though treasured it may be
I am nearly the dimmed spirit of my dream
The magic flowing in my veins
I remember my dear wings
If only of my dreams

I feel the breath sent by the skies on my shoulder
I know of the everlasting white puffs of life which caress my soul
Like candles’ flames, the stars illuminate my darkness
Breaking through the gusts of air, I cut them down breath by breath
Running the path, not hovering above, feels oh so suppressing
All of these feelings being contained with no way out
My wings, my light, with no escape

I sleep and I live in my light

I wake and I am trapped in a lost world
But I will always believe in my shine
My wings will always be there for me
And one’s wings never lie

My mind and body have been intertwined
My lost self has found that opening
I have found the crack out of my shadows
My wings illuminate a dark light set of deep purple freedom
So I cast away the shadows and let out my light
In that moment, everything became real

The author's comments:
This is a piece of inspiration. I was inspired to write this type of work from my own personal life.

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