A dream I had

November 13, 2010
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Cancer… ……CANCER…….. Cancer spreading through my scars…..through my arms……..spreading through my empty little heart. CANCER… ……cancer…….. CANCER spreading through my legs, through my head…. There’s no end, till I’m dead. Spreading to my lips, to my cheeks, to my throat. There’s no end, till I black out, and then I start to choke. No more shall I see, no more shall I bleed, no more shall I breathe, please… no more casualties, even with the ones overseas. I want to believe…. No more guns, no more war, no more fighting, this is the only reason why I’m writing, I lay back down on my couch, sighing. There’s no feeling, there’s no meaning, there‘s no reason for this teaching, WHY ARE YOU STILL BLEEDING? Running, shooting, hiding, why are you still fighting? two worlds and a million men on a crash course, colliding. Death is showing itself to us, answer me, are you still fighting? Yes… I was. There was a million souls, now there’s only rotting carcasses and dried up blood. Nobody ever answered me, even though I gave them a nudge on their shoulder. I couldn’t stand the putrid smell, now I knew their lives were over. After seeing the aftermath, there was this helicopter pilot that asked if I wanted ride back to my place, and I said oh, sure, and the rest of the flight was silent…and awkward. He told me that he believed in the Gospel and other Bible stuff , “…God’s Words.”

I got back home, in the woods, and I heard these little birds, they told me something, when I tried to tell some others, they only heard chirp chirp. And they said to go get lost, little twerp. Telling them my life story. (That’s a first)….I been cursed since my birth. (this parts the worst) I believe you been deceived. little monsters Now I’ll show you how you’ll bleed. Take out the knives, take out the scalpel, pull out the rusted binding chair, we’ll tear out the elbow. You don’t need it….Nope, never mind, I’m getting too bored, I’ll leave you here, I’ll walk out this door. Starting here from shore to shore, seeking, wanting more and more. Seeking God, finding faith, I’ll find a way to get your lives saved. I repent for the things that was almost done, I hide in the shadows lurking under the moon while I run away from the all-seeing Son, now all I have to do is confess that I sinned, while the Lord looks down upon me with a grin, I feel this touching feeling tingling through my skin, I sigh, lay down and go back to sleep.

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